Parish Nursing Education Programs / Courses and Websites in Canada

Parish Nurse Education Programs and Continuing Education

Parish Nurse Programs and Continuing Education Summary

A resource provided by the Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry

If you are interested in current or upcoming Parish Nursing courses, please be sure to visit the websites of the following parish nurse educational programs or contact them at:

Foundations in Parish Nursing (London, ON)

Are you a registered nurse who would like to integrate your spirituality with your nursing practice and also learn more about the exciting field of parish nursing?  Join us from July 8-14, 2018 at Brescia University College in London, Ontario.  For more information visit or contact Catherine Leach at or 519-432-1824 ext. 281, toll-free at 1-888-548-9649 ext. 281

Interchurch Health Ministries – Saskatchewan

Harold or Elaine Hesje
Tel: 306-652-4524

Atlantic Parish Nursing Ministry (Program Pending)

Contact: Sue Duncan

Taylor University (Edmonton, AB)

Parish Nursing Institute

Distance Delivery Courses

Diploma in Intellectual Disability Studies

Dayton On-Line Courses:

Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation

Cost: $50.00 (USD) for those associated with The Institute for Ongoing Formation at St. Peter’s Seminary, Foundations in Parish Nursing Program. Both courses are offered in blocks of five sessions once each year. It is not possible to register for individual sessions during a course. Your $50 covers all five sessions of each course. *Note: if you are not registered with the St. Peter’s Foundations in Parish Nursing Program the cost of the courses is $105.00 for each of the 2 – 5 week courses payable to VLCFF. In addition, a one-time affiliation fee of $25.00 (CDN) is required. Send your completed application form and $25 cheque to the attention of Catherine Leach at the Institute for Ongoing Formation at St. Peter’s, 1040 Waterloo St., London, Ontario N6A 3Y1.

Courses have been created by Anne Marie Webster RN, BA, Parish Nurse Educator, and Frances Hudson, RN, Parish Nurse and reviewed and endorsed by Rosemarie Matheus, RN MSN. Course revisions have been provided by Faye Brekelmans BScN, Online Education Coordinator and Elsie Millerd, RN, BN, Diploma in CS, MTS, Education Coordinator.

Visit: to apply.

Register early as class size is limited. Successful completion earns 2.5 CEU’s per course. Certificates of completion for successful nurses will be granted by both Dayton University and the Institute for Ongoing Formation.

Online Course:
The Parish Nurse as Counsellor and Spiritual Companion

VLCFF Registration opens: September 5 to October 17, 2018
Dates for Online Course:  October 21 to November 24 , 2018

Five Week Course consists of the following topics:

  • Session One: Pastoral Care / Spiritual Care Giving
  • Session Two: Counselling in Parish Nurse Ministry
  • Session Three: Wholistic Health Promotion: The Parish Nurse as Facilitator of Wellness
  • Session Four: Mental Health and the Parish Nurse
  • Session Five: Grief, Loss and Suffering

Course Facilitator: Faye Brekelmans, BScN, Parish Nurse; Elsie Millerd, RN, BNDiploma in CS, MTS

Online Course: Parish Nursing: Facilitating Wholistic Health Through The Lifespan

VLCFF Registration opens: approx. late October 2018
Dates for Online Course: approx. mid-January 2019

Five Week Course Consists of the following topics:

  • Session One: Wholistic Health of Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults
  • Session Two: Wholistic Health of Middle and Older Adults
  • Session Three: Caring for Families in the Faith Community
  • Session Four: Impact and Management of Chronic Illness on Families
  • Session Five: End of Life Transitions

Course Facilitator: Faye Brekelmans, BScN, Parish Nurse; Elsie Millerd, RN, BN Diploma in CS, MTS,

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