Board Committees

Committees of CAPNM seek to further and improve the membership experience of the Association.  They recruit participation which reflects the various geographical regions across Canada, as well as those with a keen interest in that particular committee.  Each committee has a Board Liaison that provides a report of the committee’s activities back to the Board on a regular basis.

Committees meet via Zoom, Skype or Teleconference and /or e-mail on a regular schedule as determined by the Chairperson of the committee.  Goals are set, based on the Terms of Reference for the committee, of what the committee sets out to accomplish during its ‘year’ (June – May).  The Committees compile and provide a report to the annual AGM.

ByLaws Committee

To maintain CAPNM Bylaws and revise as necessary with Legal Assistance in accordance with the Acts of Continuance for the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act.

For more information about, or to join, our ByLaws Committee, please contact: [email protected]

Conference Planning Committee

Working closely with the CAPNM Coordinator, the Conference Committee organizes and runs the annual CAPNM Conference, which occurs in May each year.  A multitude of duties goes into creating an educational, meaningful and memorable day for attendees.

For more information about, or to join, our Conference Committee, please contact:  [email protected]

Education Committee

To further the educational goals and objectives of the Association, focussing not only on maintaining current documentation regarding core competencies for basic parish nurse educational programs, but also to compile resources to support parish nurses in their practices, and to provide education and awareness amongst nurses, parish nurses, churches and the wider community of the need for parish nurses.

For more information about, or to join, our Education Committee, please contact: [email protected]

Research Committee

The purpose of the Research Committee is twofold: to encourage members and interested individuals to engage in research to advance parish nursing, and, to communicate to the CAPNM Board and the wider membership information related to research development of parish nursing.

Current Research Bursaries

For more information about, or to join, our Research Committee, please contact: [email protected]

Standards Committee

To oversee the Standards for Practice according to the most current Edition, and to review and update those Standards under the prescribed timetable (every 5 years).  Reviewing the standards includes working in collaboration with the Education Committee to update Core Competencies.

For more information about, or to join, our Standards Committee, please contact:  [email protected]

Membership and Visibility Committee

Fostering the awareness of the mission, vision and values of CAPNM to encourage the growth of membership in the Association is a key element of this committee’s work.  Raising the profile of CAPNM with national and regional organizations, including professional nursing organizations, and across faith communities, is vital.

For more information about, or to join, our Membership and Visibility Committee, please contact: [email protected]