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The Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry (CAPNM) is committed to the advancement and growth of parish nursing* as a health and ministry resource within Canada.


Parish nursing is an essential and integrated dimension of the faith and health of diverse faith communities throughout Canada.

Parish Nurse

A parish nurse is a registered nurse with specialized knowledge, who is called to ministry and affirmed by a faith community to promote health, healing and wholeness.

The Role of a Parish Nurse

The role of a parish nurse is to promote the integration of faith and health in a variety of ways that reflect the context of the faith community.

Specific examples include:

  • Health advocacy
  • Health counselling
  • Health education
  • Resource referral

CAPNM welcomes new members, sponsors and partnering organizations.

Guiding Principles

The Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry:

  • Celebrates the diversity of parish nurse programs across Canada.
  • Promotes a concept of health that actively supports body, mind, spirit wholeness.
  • Recognizes that parish nursing is a specialized branch of nursing and a grass-roots ministry.
  • Affirms and fosters local parish nurse initiatives, while promoting a national identity.
  • Reaches into the broader community promoting faith and health needs.
  • Respects and engages the health promoting practices of multiple faith traditions while being rooted in Christianity.
  • Includes as essential shareholders: parish nurses, nursing educators, faith tradition educators, diverse faith communities and partnering organizations.


  • To develop parish nursing as a faith and health ministry resource within Canada.
  • To join individuals and groups that are vital to parish nursing by developing and providing seminars, lectures, workshops and resources, and an annual conference.
  • To provide centralized information about parish nursing advancement and growth opportunities in Canada and internationally through newsletters, website and contact information.
  • To secure financial sustainability for the association.
  • To foster and develop parish nursing ministry identity, education, practice standards, and research.
  • To identify, monitor and disseminate the Core Competencies and Standards of Practice for Parish Nursing in Canada.
  • To support the development of educational and research initiatives for Parish Nursing Ministry in Canada.

As stated in the bylaws of CAPNM incorporated in December 2001 and revised in May 2003

For more information on Parish Nursing or for comments please e-mail:  [email protected]