2022 Conference

20 Years Caring About You

2022 Canadian Association of Parish Nursing Conference

“Healing our Communities”

Date: May 5th & 6th, 2022

Location: Virtual

Welcome to CAPNM 2022 Conference

As Parish Nurses travelling alongside others on the road of life, we see our community in relationship to a broad service of wholeness of mind, body and spirit. Our calling is one of service to and for our neighbor, carried out through health and healing surrounded by faith. May we, in God’s reconciling grace, be blessed with knowledge and justice to carry out His work in Healing Our Communities.

The conference theme Healing Our Communities will invite all participants to reflect on the relationships at the heart of healing.  Reflections will include:  enriching our own healing through self-care practices including prayer, the arts, and sacred story; nourishing healing and reconciliation by expanding knowledge of practices in our communities and cultures through informative presentations from a variety of faith-based specialists; and honoring our relationship with the gift of creation and of our Mother Earth.

The conference committee of Saskatchewan, welcomes everyone to a virtual learning experience that will deepen our understanding about Healing Our Communities.

Due to COVID-19 and its ability to cause uncertainty, we have decided to offer our AGM via Zoom instead of in person.

Donations specifically for the CAPNM Conference 2022 would need to be submitted to Deb Bauche via E transfer: [email protected]


Guest Speakers

Dave Feick

Executive Director

Dave is Reintegration Chaplain for the Micah Mission in Saskatoon. Micah is a volunteer based Restorative Justice Organization that focuses on people who have been affected by the justice system and are needing and wanting support as they return to society from prison. Dave is an ordained minister in Mennonite Church Saskatchewan and is a Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner. He is married to Joanne and they have three adult children. He enjoys telling people about the restorative work of Micah. Guided by restorative justice principles, Micah is motivated to create a world where individuals and communities are restored to caring and respectful relationships in the wake of harm from crime.  This is done by being “tough on crime one friendship at a time”.

Micah 6:8   Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly

Bishop Jon Hansen

Bishop Jon Hansen draws from his Redemptorist spirituality, his ministry in a number of parishes including Sudbury, Toronto, Newfoundland, Saskatoon and the NorthWest Territories and his present ministry as RC Bishop of the Diocese of MacKenzie, to speak about the call to engage and participate in the work of Truth and Reconciliation facing the RC Church, Christian Churches, and our country today.

Dr. Cam Harder

Pastor and seminary professor for 40 years, Cam Harder loves to build bridges between faith and world, the sciences and theology. He founded “CiRCLe M”—a non-profit that helps faith groups be vital contributors to their community. He is the author of the books “Discovering the Other: Asset-based Approaches to Building Community Together” and “Tough Questions, Honest Answers: Faith and Religion for 21st Century Explorers.” He recently completed a study of parish nursing for Interchurch Health Ministries Saskatchewan.

Tracy Muggli  BA, BSW, MSW, RSW

Executive Director, St. Paul’s Hospital

Tracy has 33 years’ experience in health and social service sectors. Prior to her appointment as Executive Director at St. Paul’s Hospital in 2020, she was a Director with Mental Health and Addiction Services and before that, a Manager with Client Patient Access Services, Saskatchewan Health Authority.

 She is a board member with the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, St. Peter’s College in Muenster, the University of Regina Alumni Association (including acting as URAA rep on U of S Senate), and a former board member of several community organizations, including Saskatoon Open Door Society, Saskatchewan Intercultural Association, and the Saskatoon Community Foundation where she helped initiate the Community Fund for Reconciliation. Her interest and support for newcomers in our community was also demonstrated in her role as a founding Coordinator of the Newcomer Information Centre in Saskatoon in 2009.

Tracy has been the recipient of multiple leadership awards including a Distinguished Service award from the Canadian Association of Social Workers, Distinguished Service- Saskatchewan Psychiatric Association, the Chief of Police Award for Community Service, the Saskatoon Police Services Badge Award and Honored Supporter Award, Association of Fundraising Philanthropists-Saskatoon .

She lives in Saskatoon with her son Ayden and enjoys all the Saskatoon has to offer in the theatre, live music, festival and restaurant scenes, as well as the natural beauty of our community walking and cycling trails.

Dr Ernest Walker

Dr Ernest Walker is a highly respected and equally humble anthropologist who recently marked another highlight in his career when he discovered four carved stone artifacts, Rib Stones, in the Wanuskewin Park. Dr Walker was one of the founders of Wanuskewin some forty years ago and his most recent discovery certainly strengthens the movement to have the park declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Dr Walker, in his own story teller’s style, will share some of the story that belongs to the land and its people.

Bonus Speaker

Ann Solari-Twadell

Ann Solari-Twadell is an Associate Professor of Nursing, Marcella Niehoff School of nursing, Loyola University Chicago. She served as the inaugural Director of Global Experiences and International Studies for five years. She is also the developer and faculty sponsor for the Undergraduate Nursing Research Council. In addition, Dr. Solari-Twadell is the developer and faculty leader for the last eleven years for the Lourdes Service Immersion and the past two years for the Pine Ridge Service Immersion. A three time graduate from Loyola University Chicago, she has her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, a Master’s Degree in Nursing and a PhD in nursing from the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing. Dr. Solari-Twadell also has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Roosevelt University, Chicago. More recently, Dr. Solari-Twadell has completed Certificate Programs in Ignation Pedagogy and Online Teaching from Loyola University Chicago, Ministry Certificate from University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, Illinois and a Telehealth Nursing Certificate from Old Dominium University, Norfolk, Virginia.

Dr. Solari-Twadell has co-Edited four books and authored many chapters as well as articles on Parish Nursing and Faith Community Nursing with the latest text, Faith Community Nursing: An International Specialty Practice Changing the Understanding of Health published by Springer: Nature in 2020. She is currently President, Faith Community Nursing International, a specialty nursing organization. Dr. Solari-Twadell is Principle Investigator for a Department of Health and Human Service Administration, Bureau of Health Workforce, Division of Nursing and Public Health, Nurse Education, grant Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR)-Registered Nurses in Primary Care (HRSA -18-012) and the supplemental Department of Health and Human Service Administration, Bureau of Health Workforce, Division of Nursing and Public Health grant, COVID-19 Response. In the past, Dr. Solari-Twadell was awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. New Careers in Nursing grant and was recipient of the winning poster in the Category of Innovative Program Design.

Worship Moments, Devotional Prayer and Music

Pastor Ron Bestvater

Pastor Ron Bestvater is a Lutheran Pastor in Saskatoon, SK.  His many years of service and association with Parish Nurse Ministry adds perception, depth and insight into facilitating a Worship Moment for our 2022 Conference.  He has attended many CAPNM conferences, has taught PN educational classes for ICHM, has been on the CAPNM Board as Spiritual Director, facilitates as Chaplain and Spiritual Director of Parish Nurse Retreats and is currently the Secretary for InterChurch Health Ministries in Saskatchewan.  He is also directly involved in initiating the study and research by Dr. Cam Harder regarding the direction and future of Parish Nurse Ministry. 

The Rev. Amanda Currie

The Rev. Amanda Currie currently serves as the Minister at First Presbyterian Church in Canada. She is a former Board member of Interchurch Health Ministries – SK and a graduate of the ICHM – Sk Parish Nursing Education program.

Mario Fiddler

Mario Fiddler and his family have included Traditional prayer ceremonies and sacred drumming in their own healing journey.  Mario and his children, whose Sacred Drumming group is called the Cree Canaries, now generously share this gift in the local community and across western Canada when contacted to help others through Sacred Indigenous ceremony. The attached photo was taken at a wake held in Saskatoon to help support the community at the time that the discovery of the many unmarked graves near Kamloops B.C. was made.

Dylon Nippi & Rev. Dr. Stewart Folster

Dylon, current Executive Director of Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry (SNCM) is a very thought-provoking speaker regarding his life. Rev. Dr. Stewart Folster, was the former Executive Director of SCNM and is currently the Minister at Mistawasin, SK.  Together, their drumming and scripture reading selection will be a unique declaration affirming our theme.

The Threshold Singers

The Threshold Singers are a group of volunteers from Saskatoon and are loosely affiliated with similar groups found in Canada and the United States.

When invited a small group, usually 2-4 volunteers at a time, will sing at the bedside of those who are seriously ill or dying. The songs, described by the group founders, as “lullabies at the end of life” are meant to communicate presence, care, hope and assurance and while not associated with any particular faith or religious tradition are meant to honor the spiritual nature of our humanity.   This gift of presence and song is offered freely and with no charge, given from the recognition that each of us is on this journey of life and that we walk it together.